We are here to help you to achieve your potential.

The Learning Hub is a tutoring hub located in Leicester Forest East. We are here to help people achive their greatest potential.

About Us

Whether you require support with schoolwork, or a turbo boost prior to exams, The Learning Hub can help. From primary school to degree level, we have tutors to match your needs in an array of subjects. All our tutors have qualifications in their subject and are all well-versed in the education system and familiar with the demands and difficulties of different levels of study, from early primary, through to GCSE, A-Level and beyond. We offer tuition in most academic subjects, and have multiple maths, English and Science tutors.

Our Tutors

Professionalism is a core principle of The Learning Hub. All of our tutors are screened before being allowed to teach with us and they all hold an enhanced DBS check. Our interview process is aimed at ensuring we only work with tutors who have excellent lesson planning skills and teaching ability. Many of our tutors are, or have been, working in Leicestershire schools carrying out one-to-one tuition. All of our tutors have been carefully selected for their tutoring abilities and expertise in their subject field.

What does tutoring achieve?

Tutoring is not a quick-fix solution, and success usually comes as the result of growing rapport between tutor and student . In the case of students in full time education, we would usually recommend an on-going program of at least 10 one-hour lessons. These normally take place weekly after school or at the weekend, and provide valuable support to the day-to-day work they are doing at school. Our approach to tutoring is always determined by an assessment of the student’s needs and establishing realistic targets for achievement. Our aim is to provide students with a tailored programme that is best suited to their individual requirements. Having a tutor will enable students who are willing to work hard to significantly improve their academic achievements and enhance their enjoyment of learning.


Our Values


We strive to be affordable to students and families to offer high quality education for everyone.


We aim to ensure all of our services are accessible to all regardless of age, background or educational needs.


We offer quality, personalised tutoring to support every student in achieving their goals.